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Fundraising and Community Support

El Jimador Restaurante is very active in supporting our community.

PTO Fundraising and On-Site Fundraisers

The On-Site Fundraiser is held on a specified date at the specific location.

Guideline for On-Site Fundraisers

  1. All guests must have actual fiscal flyer present made by you and approved by us in order to apply to guest check. (No screen shots/pictures from smart phones accepted)
  2. No flyers are to be distributed on or around the premises. – Anyone caught doing so will cause cancellation of entire fundraiser.
  3. Fundraisers may be held on Monday thru Wednesday only.
  4. All flyers must be pre-approved by El Jimador Restaurante.
  5. Requests must be turned in and approved at least 30 days prior to event.
  6. Yolanda’s will donate 20% of the net sales.
  7. A check will be issued through our corporate office within 10 business days of event.

Just call your closest restaurant and schedule your meetings.

VIP Special Events Gift Cards:

Schools and School Districts, Police, EMT, Fire Department and Military Groups

We will provide you with free Special $20 gift cards for your special awards. These are limited to two (2) per event and only one (1) restaurant.


Why limit your fundraising event to one day?

Guideline for Pre-Gift Card Sales –

  1. Pre – Sell any demonization in Gift Cards (Minimum of $200)
  2. Collect Money
  3. Send your order in with payment. Gift cards will be made up and ready for pick-up with in 1 business day.
  4. El Jimador Restaurante will donate 20% of the sales.
  5. A check will be issued through through the store you ordered the card within 10 business days.
  6. Pre – Sell any demonization in Gift Cards (Minimum of $200)